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Romee Kanis


"The Schermer"Workshop

In my workshop in Schermerhorn I finalize my bronzes when they come back from the foundry. I do the finishing touches and required welding and grinding. I then do the patination: coloring and passivation of the bronze surface. Finally I mount the sculpture on a pedestal and protect it using by wax. Since I perform all this work myself, I can guarantee a final perfect result.

Foundry Flassh from Balk, which takes care of my casting has a small pick and place workshop on the location “De Schermer” in Schermerhorn. This gives me a short line with my caster.

Every autumn, the artists of "De Schermer" organize an “Art in the Corn” event, where, amongst other works of art, sculptures are exhibited in a
labyrinth in a corn field.